Dr. Pahram Shakar – Dental Partners of Watertown – Watertown, MA

I had the opportunity to work along side Dr. Oz who I can say is one extraordinary Prosthodontist in the Boston area. He spends a great quality time listening to his patient’s needs and is an expert at tailoring a treatment plan for each individual based on their dental needs and desire. When it comes to smile make over and esthetic dentistry, Dr. Oz takes his work to the heart and is truly passionate about what he does. He has never been shy from sharing and teaching his expertise with other colleagues. He helped me do a veneer case and another one involving several crowns and implants. With his guidance and vast knowledge as a prosthodontist, he has tremendously helped me to learn and achieve high level results with my patients. He spends the time to simplify complicated prostho cases through his step by step treatment plan method, that would easily breakdown any case. Dr. Oz treatment plan method has allowed general dentist like myself to have a better understanding of the end result. Having Dr. Oz along side as my mentor, I become more confident presenting solid treatment plan to my patient and as result I gained high treatment acceptance rate with patient. He is a true artist in the field of dentistry and his work speaks volume.

1389 Center Dr #230 Park City, UT 84098 800.260.9497