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His insight has given me confidence

What I have always found to be most challenging about taking on complicated dental cases was creating a predictable outcome. I’m sure many other general dentists agree, the actual dentistry is not what’s challenging, it’s making sure everything comes together at the end, is function and will last throughout the years. Working with OB1 Dental […]

He spends a great quality time listening

I had the opportunity to work along side Dr. Oz who I can say is one extraordinary Prosthodontist in the Boston area. He spends a great quality time listening to his patient’s needs and is an expert at tailoring a treatment plan for each individual based on their dental needs and desire. When it comes […]

One of the most talented professionals

The wonderful oz! Dr. Oz is one of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with. His passion for dentistry exudes through his every fiber. He has helped phase, initiate and deliver complex and comprehensive dental treatment plans on multiple occasions. He recently helped me phase and initiate a combination orthodontic and prosthodontics treatment […]

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