Alisun Kovach – Acton Concord Dental Group – Acton, MA

What I have always found to be most challenging about taking on complicated dental cases was creating a predictable outcome. I’m sure many other general dentists agree, the actual dentistry is not what’s challenging, it’s making sure everything comes together at the end, is function and will last throughout the years. Working with OB1 Dental Solutions has helped ensure that my most challenging cases have not only become predictable but more streamline as well. Dr. Banday is wonderful to work with. From treatment planning to execution, his insight has given me the confidence to take on cases I would have previously referred out and greatly improved the efficiency at which they are completed. I would highly recommend OB1 Dental Solutions to anyone looking to plan cases more comprehensively, predictably and efficiently.

Dr. Pahram Shakar – Dental Partners of Watertown – Watertown, MA

I had the opportunity to work along side Dr. Oz who I can say is one extraordinary Prosthodontist in the Boston area. He spends a great quality time listening to his patient’s needs and is an expert at tailoring a treatment plan for each individual based on their dental needs and desire. When it comes to smile make over and esthetic dentistry, Dr. Oz takes his work to the heart and is truly passionate about what he does. He has never been shy from sharing and teaching his expertise with other colleagues. He helped me do a veneer case and another one involving several crowns and implants. With his guidance and vast knowledge as a prosthodontist, he has tremendously helped me to learn and achieve high level results with my patients. He spends the time to simplify complicated prostho cases through his step by step treatment plan method, that would easily breakdown any case. Dr. Oz treatment plan method has allowed general dentist like myself to have a better understanding of the end result. Having Dr. Oz along side as my mentor, I become more confident presenting solid treatment plan to my patient and as result I gained high treatment acceptance rate with patient. He is a true artist in the field of dentistry and his work speaks volume.

Ishwinder Saran – LIC Dental Associates – Long Island City, NY

The wonderful oz! Dr. Oz is one of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with. His passion for dentistry exudes through his every fiber. He has helped phase, initiate and deliver complex and comprehensive dental treatment plans on multiple occasions. He recently helped me phase and initiate a combination orthodontic and prosthodontics treatment plan that involved Invisalign, an implant, multiple posterior crowns and anterior veneers. I could not not me more thrilled with the way the case is turning out and the patient could not be happier. Dr. Oz has been there every step of the way, from reviewing diagnostic information with me, to reviewing fundamental principles to sequencing and reviewing treatment protocols for me. He is the go to doc when it comes to complex treatment planning that a general dentist wants to take on.

Dr. Michelle DaRocha – Dental Bright – Lawrence, MA

Working with Dr. Oz for over a year has been an honor. Dr. Oz is an outstanding dentist who treats each patient and case with great care, pride and perfection. I have been able to work with Dr. Oz phasing, sequencing and completing complex cases all with clinical excellence. Dr. Oz truly has a passion for dentistry and this shines through each case that he works on. Dr. Oz has helped me not only see the bigger picture while treatment planning but paying attention to detail. My experience working with Dr. Oz has been a blessing for both my patients and myself. Dr. Oz is truly my role model, and his commitment to his profession and patients is incredible.

Dr. Paulina Muller – Sharon Dental Group – Sharon, MA

In the art of dentistry, Dr. Banday is a master craftsman who takes pride in his work. As a GP working along side Dr. Banday I have seen his cases to be of the highest standard. He has guided me in the treatment planning of some cases and I found his advice to be reliable, professional and practical. Dr. Banday is an excellent clinician and a great mentor!